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The resident population at Woodbridge is largely Hispanic; a goal of the facility is to serve the Hispanic community with sensitivity to the many national identities that contribute to and are part of that culture.

Administration and Staff

"This implies more than simply using your ethnic background to provide care to that population," says Jeremy Boshes, Administrator at Woodbridge Nursing Pavilion for seven years. "We have residents from Mexico, Puerto Rico, various other countries in Central and South America. Each country is a different ethnic group, and each has its own special needs. We cater to them all."

Boshes, who holds a BA in biology from the University of Chicago and a MA in health administration from the University of Illinois at Chicago, says that more than half the staff at Woodbridge has been serving residents there for more than 10 years. "We have great people," he says. "Our residents and families like the staff because our employees are cordial, helpful, and caring."

A Day in the Life

About 70 percent of the Woodbridge staff is bi-cultural and bi-lingual. Most residents are there for long term care, and they and their families can communicate in the language of their choice.

"I'm very hands on. You never find me here in the office. I'm very pro-active, and I want to know what's going on," Boshes says. "I want to be close to the residents. I know all 210 of them by first and last name. I know their relatives."

Chicago has so much to offer people of all ages, and the activities programs at Woodbridge take advantage of that. Woodbridge is within walking distance of two of the city's well-maintained public parks, and residents enjoy escorted walks when the weather is favorable.

A special needs-equipped facilities van chauffeurs residents to shopping, restaurants, sporting events, museums, Lincoln Park Zoo, and various community events such as local theatre. A volunteer brings in animals. Personal care services such as beauty and barber shop, nail care, and podiatry are available.

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About Us